Monday, May 31, 2004

"...and you can almost see a puff of smoke from the second gun..." 

You probably would have heard by now (via Tim Blair) about a rather disgusting piece of journalism a few days ago in "The Sydney Morning Herald" asking "Who killed Nick Berg?" It's a question I have to say I don't ask myself too often, but then again, I'm obviously not as inquisitive as Richard Neville who exuberantly goes through all the evidence for the nefarious CIA conspiracy.

It's sad, but for some, the Berg video has already become the new Zapruder film, analysed frame by frame to spot inconsistencies and "curiosities", as Neville describes them (did you know that there are Russian and English voices heard on the tape? and that there is too little blood?) Just in case you were still wondering how low the Satan-worshipping-aliens-on-the-Grassy-Knoll crowd can go, wonder no more - expert photographic analysis (all three words deserve parentheses) had determined with "NO DOUBT" that the video of the beheading and the video of the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib was shot on the same camera.

I'm hardly surprised that usual maniacs on the net are masturbating over the Berg video trying to catch the glimpse of the Great Satan, but that a respectable broadsheet daily should publish this sort of trash surely marks the new low for Australian journalism. By the way, Neville promises on his website "the longer, in-depth article with links to sources" to appear on June 1. I can hardly wait. By the way, here's some sites analysing and debunking the Berg conspiracy theories.


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