Friday, May 28, 2004

Another step towards Islamic Reformation? 

This one has slipped under the radar (at least my radar) a few weeks ago:

"Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf called on religious scholars to re-examine strict Islamic laws which rights groups say discriminate against women and non-Muslims, state media reported.

"Musharraf... also announced the establishment of the country's first officially sponsored national rights commission.

"The president called for a review of the blasphemy law, which imposes the death penalty for defiling Prophet Mohammad and the Muslim holy book the Koran, and the strict Hudood Islamic laws, which mostly deal with crimes of adultery and rape."
As Germans say, one swallow doesn't make a spring, but it's an encouraging sign, nevertheless. I hope that it goes somewhere. Just like the Shia university that's not afraid of modernity, which I mentioned in my "Good news from Iraq" segment.


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