Friday, May 28, 2004

Australian jihad news 

Niner Charlie reports on the discovery of the private email address of an al Quaeda's associated Jemaah Islamiah terrorist mastermind Hambali. Not that Hambali (being in US custody) is going to access his email account anytime soon, but just imagine all the spam now accumulating there. If al Qaueda is ever short on funding, they'll have plenty of business offers from Nigerian businessmen to choose from.

Meanwhile, Izhar Ul-Haque, the Sydney medical student who confessed to training with another al Quaeda associated terror franchise, Kashmiri Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET), has been freed on bail:

"[New South Wales] Supreme Court judge Peter Hidden yesterday released Mr Ul-Haque for $200,000 surety, the surrender of his passports and a promise not to contact the friend who allegedly introduced him to LET."
According to Justice Hidden, Ul-Haque poses no threat to society. This is rather strange seeing that Ul-Haque associated with other terror suspects both while in Sydney and overseas, and had returned to Australia with a suitcase of notes on "weapons as diverse as rocket launchers, landmines, targeting devices for tanks and multi-purpose machineguns." But Justice Hidden obviously must have had his reasons.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, another Aussie jihadist, Jack Roche has been convicted of planning a major terrorist act. But as Gnu Hunter says, if it was up to the usual suspects he would not have been even arrested.


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