Friday, May 21, 2004

The best of the friends of Chrenk 

If you're looking for more interesting stuff to read on this fine, fine Friday, check out these posts:

- the ever-dependable Tim Blair on the "ugly American" Michael Moore. Now, why can't Tim, Mark Steyn and P. J. O'Rourke get into movie-making business? And speaking of Moore, doesn't he look lovely? (via Slattsnews)

- John Kennett, from deep within the Demilitarised Zone, writes about the schizophrenic official reaction in South Korea to redeployment of some American troops to Iraq. And about a North Korean on-line shopping mall. What the...?

- Niner Charlie with his reaction to John Kerry's opportunistic protectionism vis-a-vis Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement. Will Kerry end up calling it a "fraudulent free trade agreement"?

- "Sarin Gas Attack? Big Deal. Where's the Nude Photos?" asks Gnu Hunter.

- Andrew Norton on squaring ideological purity with pragmatic politics in Australian context. Squaring a circle?

- Mark from Colorado continues to pick the most interesting recent perspectives on world events.

- You've heard that Yasser Arafat now has his own website. Iowa Hawk gives you a low-down on what Yasser was actually meant to say.

And God knows, Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Reynolds hardly need my recommendation.


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