Friday, May 07, 2004

Everything always comes back to the Zionists 

Of course, there had to be an Israeli angle to it all, and trust Al Jazeera to be the ones to find it: "The torturing of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghuraib prison by US occupying forces has shocked the world - but for most Palestinians they come as no surprise. In fact, tens of thousands of Palestinians who have served time in Israeli prisons and detention centres see striking similarities between Israeli treatment of Palestinian prisoners and American treatment of Iraqi detainees."

Hisham Abd al-Razzaq, a Palestinian Authority minister in charge of looking after Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails (what a job) is quoted as saying: "I am inclined to think that the Americans copied the Israeli techniques. I can't prove it in an objective manner, but the striking similarities are overwhelming."

Seeing that most of the American guards involved in the abuse seem like they would have problems learning how to tie their shoelaces, doesn't it seem a bit preposterous to suggest that they have learned their "techniques", or anything else for that matter, from the Israelis.

Hey, but while we're talking about inspirations, why not blame the S&M art photography legend Robert Mapplethorpe and his photos of women leading naked men on the leash? Or an installation artist Spencer Tunick with his penchant for piles of naked bodies? Those darned avant-garde artists corrupting our innocent prison guards!

MEANWHILE: Back in the Middle East it seems you are free to criticise any government you want, as long as it's the American one. Jalal Talabani, head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, got one of his regional headquarters blown up, only a few days after downplaying the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. Talabani told the media that the incidents were "very isolated" and didn't "represent the policy of the United States of America... [The abusers] should be punished. There is no excuse for them. But it is not also a matter to be so much exaggerated as if what happened is something very cruel, something ... to make a change in policy... This kind of violation of human rights is happening in every army."

That will teach him.

MEANWHILE 2: "The Washington Times" reports that "[t]housands of Iraqi Kurds have fled homes in Fallujah to northern Iraq after being threatened by Arab insurgents for supporting the coalition and refusing to fight against the U.S. military."


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