Saturday, May 08, 2004

The feeding frenzy continues 

You can't accuse the left of being too shy at exploiting the right's own goals for their own benefit. Blood's in the water and the sharks are circling around.

"The Economist" now thinks Rumsfeld should go; Kerry wants Bush to accept the ultimate responsibility; and a Democrat Senator Joe Biden wants even "Lord God Almighty himself" to resign, if He is responsible in any way for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

Meanwhile, somewhere else not in Iraq, "a local jury (Panchayat) in Pakistan's Punjab Province recently ordered the rape of two village women, both related to each other by marriage, as retribution for the alleged illicit relations of a landlord's daughter with the brother of one of the girls."

Pakistani President Musharraf is said to be unhappy about the incident and has ordered an official investigation. If you ever manage to come across any official outrage about the incident, any international protests, strong and principled condemnation from world leaders, and any calls for Musharraf to apologise or resign over the incident, please feel free to send me an email.


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