Friday, May 28, 2004

A good Friday morning 

A warm welcome to all the new readers - I hope you'll enjoy this blog and keep coming back.

Just a quickie for a warm up this morning (Australian time). Last night I caught with the corner of my eye a news story about the continuing defiance of al Sadr's supporters in southern Iraq. Unfortunately I don't know which news service the footage came from, but it showed plenty of close-ups and waist-up shots of some very angry young men chanting slogans as they carried a coffin of their comrade who died fighting the Americans. It all looked pretty typical, until the story's editor made a mistake of including a quick cut to a wider shot of the proceedings, which showed that there were no more than about 20 angry Sadrists involved. Gosh, it couldn't be another one of those pathetic staged photo opportunity that the Western media keep portraying as the "Arab street" in action?


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