Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Historic agreement signed; Kerry - "no comment" 

One more reason to keep this guy away from the White House:

"Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is refusing to back the US-Australia trade deal.

"As the deal was due to be officially signed overnight, Senator Kerry has opted to avoid any public pronouncements - unwilling to offend the big US unions that oppose the agreement but fearing he would look like a rampant protectionist if he opposed it.

"A spokeswoman for Senator Kerry said yesterday he was 'still reviewing' the agreement."
...and was likely to keep reviewing it until after the election, when one way or another it will be safer to have a clear opinion.

Mr Kerry, why not just have guts to take a position, even if it's a wrong one?

BY THE WAY: Some three weeks ago, with hardly much notice another study of the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement came out, saying that Australia will benefit $6.1 billion a year as a result of the agreement - that's $2.1 more than Australian Government initially forecasted.


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