Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hit me baby one more time - I'm Jewish 

It's official: Britney Spears is now a part of the Zionist cospiracy. Arabic journal "Albawaba" wanders "Has Britney gone Jewish???" pondering on the news reports that Miss Spears has taken to the latest New Age fad among the entertainment set, the Kabalah study. There's also the obligatory backhander at the decadent West:

"It is an interesting trend that many successful figures as well as ordinary people have decided to turn to different religions and mystical teachings in order to find some 'pseudo-meaning' in their lives.

"They usually embrace these foreign beliefs without really understanding the true meaning and essence encompassing them. Undoubtedly, this phenomenon is yet another indication of the glitziness, superficiality and shallowness, which characterizes American society, especially in the modern and post-modern era."
I don't know whether Britney's really into Kabalah (just as I'm not sure how much the current Kabalah craze has got to do with genuine Jewish mysticism), but this should make the Fallujah fighters all the more reluctant to drink Pepsi.


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