Monday, May 03, 2004

Is this his real crime? 

Australia's very own voice of the feral left, "Green Left Weekly" has taken to calling Osama bin Laden a "Saudi Arabian millionaire". Is it just me, or do I get the impression that "Green Left Weekly" is rather more offended by bin Laden's wealth than his extra-curricular activities?

In other feral news, the Socialist Alliance has launched its new news magazine, hilariously titled "Seeing Red". Speaking at its Sydney launch, University of Western Sydney lecturer, Scott Poynting, "welcomed the arrival of a magazine that would 'see red' in a world where Rosa Luxemburg's choice 'socialism or barbarism' was more pressing than ever." Meanwhile, at the Brisbane launch, Humphrey McQueen, said that "With our 2000 or so members of the Socialist Alliance, we can reach out with this magazine and learn from the 20 million other Australians out there" as part of rebuilding the socialist movement in Australia.

As she was killed way back in 1918, Rosa can be forgiven for being naive enough to think it was all a matter of choices. After that, socialism has been consistently generous in giving everyone a "two-for-one" deal of socialism and barbarism. I'm glad that Australian socialists remain as relevant as ever.


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