Thursday, May 20, 2004

John Howard's father a fascist - now everything's clear 

One for Australian political junkies. Lyndon La Rouche's Down Under offshot, Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, has just breathlessly announced that

"At press conferences all over the nation on May 19, Citizens Electoral Council spokesmen released the shocking evidence indicating that Prime Minister John Howard's father had been a member of the 1930s fascist New Guard in Sydney, according to members of his own family, buttressed by evidence unearthed by CEC researchers."
That would of course explain John Howard's fascist policies, such as his staunch support for President Bush.

But what of the shocking evidence? The press release doesn't provide any for those who haven't had the privilege of attending "press conferences all over the nation." The story is hardly news though; labour historian Andrew Moore has already tried to pin that one on the Howard family, but as he admits, without success.

Still, La Roucheites say so, so it must be true.


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