Friday, May 28, 2004

The joy of blogging 

Daniel Drezner has got a delightful little piece about the joys (and the obsession) of blogging. As the "New York Times" article he refers to says, "[a] few blogs have thousands of readers, but never have so many people written so much to be read by so few." A tad unkind maybe, but there's no doubt that new technology had done much to democratise the news and opinion business over the last few years - overwhelmingly for the good, I'd say from my extensive experience as a (two-month) veteran of the blogsphere. I have a feeling too, that we're just seeing the beginnings of the blog phenomenon; there's a lot more to come.

From an economic perspective, the blogsphere (and more generally the whole news and opinion aspect of the internet) strikes me as a great example of free market in action. So while it may be true that "never have so many people written so much to be read by so few", with time, competition will keep sorting out the best and the brightest, so that increasingly more and more will be writing for bigger and bigger audiences. As always, consumer will be the winner. It will be fascinating to watch.


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