Saturday, May 01, 2004

Left versus Left 

"Are war correspondents betting on failure in Iraq?" asks Christopher Hitchens in his article "Covering the 'Quagmire'." The answer is: what do you think?

Meanwhile in the ever-predictable "Guardian", the ever-predictable Naomi Klein makes the call: "Mutiny is the only way out of Iraq's inferno." In one of the most disgusting pieces of commentary to emerge in recent times, Klein celebrates the failures of American "occupation" while being rather vague as to alternatives. The creator of "No Logo" would have been much happier had Iraq remained a dictatorship with "No Logo" but the ever-present portraits of the Leader.

Muses Klein: "On the political front, the idea that the US could bring genuine democracy to Iraq is now irredeemably discredited: too many relatives of Iraqi governing council members have landed plum jobs and rigged contracts, too many groups demanding direct elections have been suppressed, too many newspapers have been closed down and too many Arab journalists have been killed."

This is all pretty obscene stuff from a self-indulgent and spoiled drama queen of the left. Can any readers point me to any writings by Klein where she protested the lack of democracy in Saddam's Iraq, or where she agitates against the continuing lack of democracy and freedoms in most of the Arab world? Checking out Klein's website, I can't find any mentions of Iraq and the Middle East prior to September 11, with great majority of materials predictably coming from 2002 onwards, and - you guessed it - all anti-war, anti-American stuff.

The sensible left keeps battling it out with the stupid left. The life goes on.


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