Thursday, May 20, 2004

Let the blame games begin 

So New York has made it to the shortlist of cities to stage the 2012 Olympic Games, alongside Paris, London, Madrid and Moscow.

"But Paris emerged as the front-runner," reports "New York Times." What a surprise. But I'm sure that the final decision will not be based on petty anti-American politics, but "on an evaluation of 11 technical criteria that included accommodations, infrastructure, security and transportation."

"New York's ranking reflected concerns about its transportation system, the structure of its security force, the plans for the athletes' village and the source of financing. A member of the I.O.C. executive board also expressed concern about whether construction of the proposed $5.5 billion stadium and convention center redevelopment project on Manhattan's West Side will have begun before the vote in July 2005."
And what if it doesn't begin full seven years before the start of the Olympics? Sporting venues in Athens aren't ready yet only weeks before the games are set to start. Are we seeing the beginnings of a desperate search for excuses why not to give it to New York?


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