Saturday, May 08, 2004

Media priorities: naked pics trump gigantic fraud 

The media frenzy begins:

"Steve Stefanowicz, the civilian at the centre of the Abu Ghraib torture scandal enveloping the White House, wrote to an Adelaide friend on Thursday, saying he wanted to leave Iraq... Friends contacted yesterday by The Weekend Australian say Stefanowicz, a former US navy reservist, wants to return to his life in Adelaide, where he became engaged to an Australian and worked in IT sales for 18 months until October 2001."

Wow, hot on the footsteps of the Israeli connection to the Abu Ghraib abuse, we now have an Aussie connection. And Stefanowicz is not even in Australia yet. Just wait for the media welcoming committee when he gets back to Adelaide.

Remember how not that long ago Australian media hound-dogs descended at Benon Sevan, the UN official at the heart of the Food for Oil scandal, who for a period of few weeks was hiding away from international media at a Queensland resort?

Neither can I. Nor anyone else for that matter.


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