Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mr President, tear down these walls 

"Guardian" and President Bush finally agree on something - kind of. This, from the British leftie daily's architecture correspondent Jonathan Glancey :

"Among those buildings deserving to be trampled deep into the desert sands is Abu Ghraib prison, which the US president, George Bush, last night announced would be demolished in the wake of the torture scandal."
Alas, the reason is more the prison's latest history, rather than its Saddamite past:

"There is no need for anyone to be shown around this horrid place in the future. What would they expect to see? Bodies hanging from walls? Traces of blood and semen? Those grins for the camera? Green gloves?"
Is that all that went inside Abu Ghraib?

And I was hoping that just this once "Guardian" and W might agree. Then again, if it had finally happened I would be worried about W's judgment.


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