Saturday, May 29, 2004

The new Iraqi PM a man for all seasons 

Gosh, you allow those Iraqis to make decisions for themselves and see what happens - everyone's confused:

"The Bush administration appeared to be caught off guard and somewhat confused yesterday after the Iraqi Governing Council nominated a physician with longtime CIA ties as the post-occupation prime minister. Officials in Washington scrambled to respond after the Iraqis took the public lead in a process that was supposed to be run by a U.N. envoy."
Hence the UN's visible enthusiasm:

" 'It's not how we expected it to happen,' chief U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard said in New York. But Eckhard said that 'Mr. Brahimi respects the decision'."
In fact, the Iraqi Governing Council seems to have made a decision set to displease a large proportion of interested parties. Allawi is a Shia, but too secular; a well connected political player rather than a "seasoned technocrat"; an ex-Baathist, but he's been in exile for too long; he's too close to the United States and Great Britain; heavily involved with "Western intelligence services, and already being fingered for providing faulty WMD intelligence.

What's interesting is that despite all this the Iraqi Governing Council made Allawi its choice. How did this happen? Must be all that money his friends have spent lobbying the US government. Still, maybe they didn't lobby the right people.

"Survivor: the Iraqi Governing Council" - how's this for a new reality show?


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