Friday, May 14, 2004

News from the wilderness of mirrors 

How bizarre is this?

"Michael Berg, father of 26-year-old Nicholas Berg, told CNN at his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, that his son went to Oklahoma University several years ago and allowed people later identified by US authorities as terrorists to use his computer.

"US officials, according to CNN, say Berg shared his computer -- and his password -- with one individual, and that password somehow ended up in the possession of Moussaoui, a French citizen arrested one month before the September 11 attacks.

"Nicholas Berg's contacts on the bus near the Oklahoma airport, according to CNN, may have been the reason 'the FBI felt compelled to interview Berg three times in Iraq before clearing him for release'."
For another S11 news you might have missed, check out what we now do know about the contacts between the hijack leader Mohammad Atta and Iraqi intelligence in Prague in 2001 (thanks to tireless work of an investigative journalist, Edward Jay Epstein). On the Iraq-al Quaeda link also check out the new story from another investigator who has been on the case for a decade now.

They don't call intelligence work "the wilderness of mirrors" for nothing. Judging by the continuing controversies over the Pearl Harbor attack, JFK assassination, or the extent of Soviet espionage in the West, we are unlikely to ever arrive at any sort of consensus, but researchers - both the reputable and the disreputable ones - will continue to have a field day.


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