Thursday, May 13, 2004

Nuts of the world unite 

A few days ago I mentioned on this blog how photos from pornographic websites have now been published on the web as photos of the alleged gang rapes of Iraqi women detainees by American prison guards.

It seems that you can't keep a good (or in this case bad) story down, and the photos have since then acquired life of their own, being used as propaganda weapon by an unholy coalition of crazies around the world to bludgeon the US with.

"Boston Globe" has now published a photograph of the photographs in question (not available on the "Globe" website, so check this scan of the print story), presented at a press conference jointly hosted by a Boston city councilor Chuck Turner and Sadiki Kambon, director of the Black Community Information Center. Kambon received the photos by e-mail from Akbar Muhammad, a representative for the Nation of Islam.

When WorldNetDaily, which originally broke the story about the photo's true origin a week ago, contacted "Boston Globe" and directed the story's writer, Donovan Slack, to the porn website in question, Slack commented: "This is ridiculous. I'll be working at Penthouse soon."

WorldNetDaily writes:

"The Globe published the photographic images despite the fact a skeptical Slack had raised serious doubts about them and was not able to verify their authenticity. Slack was assigned to report on the press conference and did not approve of the photos being published. The photos were approved for publication by three Boston Globe editors."
Great work, guys.

While in the US the photos are being peddled by the Nation of Islam, in Australia they are being publicised by a far-right activist Joe Vialls, who published the pics on his website with lurid commentary about "American Perverts [who] Pack Rape & Kill Iraqi Women". Vialls is a Western Australian conspiracy theorist who among many other things doesn't believe in the official story of S11 ("Forget the media hype about "Arab Hijackers" because there were none on board the aircraft on 9/11. Outrageous? Not at all. The four aircraft used in the attacks were hijacked electronically from the ground")

By the way, as Joe says, "Every report on this web site is researched, analysed and written solely by me on a tint disability pension that buys less each week. If you are better off please help by making a donation." Must be some new welfare initiative - Hate for the Dole. Queue in the world's smallest violin.

Following Vialls' lead in publicising the porn pics, the full collection has now been emailed to all Australian federal politicians by somebody named "Kevin" from a group calling itself "Christians Against Dishonest Politicians" who, for Christians, seem to have a rather unhealthy fascination with violent porn.

What a great rainbow coalition of the America-haters.


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