Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Politics 2, movies 1 

It seems there is a political conspiracy going on against action movies.

"A top official Tuesday said it would be impossible for scenes for the new Tom Cruise movie 'Mission: Impossible 3' to be shot at Germany's Reichstag parliament building. Wolfgang Thierse, the parliamentary president, turned down a Babelsberg studios request, saying the 110-year-old building has never been used as a film location and never will be."

That's not exactly true - I do recall some grainy black and white footage shot inside Reichstag by Russians soldiers in 1945.

Meanwhile, a few days ago the makers of "Stealth" had to abandon their Blue Mountains location near Sydney, after local environmental activists have successfully blocked in the court the national park shoot "because of the risk to the habitats of the giant dragonfly and a rare sponge."

However, not all is lost - another habitat of those rare species, the giant no-fly zone and a spineless sponge - the United Nations, has given a rare permission to the director Sydney Pollock to film his new thriller "The Interpreter" inside the UN's New York headquarters. The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, but alas other "actors are to play the roles of are diplomats - dashing the hopes of real-life diplomats wanting a cameo role."

Perhaps filming "Mission Impossible 3" would have been more appropriate at the United Nations building. After two highly successful prequels, "Bosnia" and "Rwanda", the time has come to film for the posterity the third installment in this slapstick saga, "Disarming Saddam the Security Council way." Judging by the Food for Oil"(im)balance sheets, there's plenty of money available for dazzling special effects and virtual security sequences.


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