Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The promotion that Pepsi doesn't need 

Product placement gone horribly wrong. Joshua Hammer of "Newsweek" reports on his eight-hour abduction in Fallujah by the anti-American insurgents:

"Fidgeting with a pistol as he sits on a Persian carpet, a young mujahed named Mohammed describes his life as a member of the armed resistance. 'I fought for four straight days without sleep,' he says, recalling the fierce battle with U.S. Marines in Fallujah early last month. 'I was living on bread and Pepsi'."
Couldn't Mohammed find something more wholesome and anti-American to sustain him during his jihad against the occupying infidels? And what will Britney Spears think of being upstaged as the softdrink's chief endorser? And shouldn't Pepsi now change its slogan from "The Choice of a New Generation" to KFC's "Resistance is Useless"? Questions, questions...


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