Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Queen tells it like she sees it 

While some good souls with a lot of spare time on their hands have wondered in the past whether Prince Charles had not become a secret convert to Islam, it's safe to say that his mom, Queen Elizabeth will, for now at least, stick with the Church of England and the whole "Western civilisation thing". Her Royal Highness, while of necessity very diplomatic, has nevertheless not shied away from nailing her colours to the mast during her speech at the Buckingham Palace to welcome the visiting Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski.

HRH told the 160 guests gathered at the white-tie banquet that "[a]s we both know only too well, peace and freedom cannot be taken for granted. Europe’s division has ended, but new enemies of liberty have emerged." Britain and Poland had been allies in Bosnia and now in Iraq, "giving the people in these troubled countries a chance to build a better life."

Queen Elizabeth has of course survived both the Nazi assault on her homeland, and forty odd years of the Cold War, not to mention some well-known appeasement tendencies in her own family, so she's unlikely to get weak-kneed about any new threats to the West, God bless her.


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