Saturday, May 01, 2004

Sit, fetch, roll over 

Appeasement pays for the Italians: "Three Italian hostages in Iraq have been saved from harm by street protests in Rome, a militant group has told al-Jazeera TV. Earlier this week, a group calling itself the Green Brigade threatened to kill the men within five days unless Italians staged demonstrations. The Arabic TV channel quoted a statement saying that Thursday's protests had satisfied the demand."

So it seems the protesters have been kidding themselves about the meaning of their actions - "Whilst the kidnappers demanded Italians protest en masse against the government and against Italy's involvement in the US-led coalition in Iraq, the families of the hostages called for a humanitarian show of peace."

"I think that the kidnappers wanted another type of demonstration," BBC quoted one of the demonstrators, Michelle. "They wanted to see us rise up against the government and against the war... normally we would have done this but today we are only here for the families and peace."

Don't worry Michelle, thanks for your offer to rise up against the government. Maybe some other time. But the terrorists appreciate your efforts anyway.

How about trying something entirely new the next time you want to go out and rally - like protesting against terrorism? How about joining 250,000 Jordanians who burned portraits of Osama bin Laden and Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi? Or is that a bit too radical?


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