Sunday, May 30, 2004

A tale of a terrorist 

(Alleged, that is.) An interesting story from the far southern front of the war on terror.

Meet Saleh Jamal, a 29-year old Sydney resident, "a devout Muslim and father of one". In 1999, Jamal pleaded guilty and served one year in jail for supply of cannabis. Recently, he was awaiting trial for three offences committed in 1998 in Sydney - "the shooting of a man at Greenacre in October, discharging a firearm in Eveleigh Street, Redfern, in October and the shooting at the Lakemba police station in November." His first trial was aborted and the second one was set for October. Jamal was granted bail but in March his family reported him missing.

Well, now Jamal has resurfaced in Lebanon, and on Friday has been arrested together with several other people, including another Australian national. It transpired that Jamal is wanted in relations to a bombing of Beirut McDonalds in 1993. Lebanon's military prosecutor Judge Jean Fahd said that Jamal was also accused of "belonging to a terrorist organisation, holding weapons and planning to carry out terrorist acts in Lebanon and abroad". The judge said that Jamal and friends are believed to have links to al Quaeda.

And so another day goes in this nefarious little war (for a previous update on Australian jihad go here).


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