Friday, May 07, 2004

The Terror Olympics Pt II and other news from the blogsphere 

The official Athens Olympics website cannot bring itself to name the capital of Israel and instead refers the visitors to the United Nation's website for "further information." Check out this amazing piece of appeasement on Israellycool.

Meanwhile, Gnuhunter puts the Iraqi prisoner abuse in perspective. What if crime and misconduct among the Coalition soldiers in Iraq is actually lower than average for this size population? (particularly if you consider they're mostly young males). And as we're on the topic of crime, check out Niner Charlie's comments on how both Australia and Great Britain have significantly overtaken the dreaded US as crime hot-spots.

And lastly this: "Gabrielle Reilly... [Right wing] Political Commentator, Bikini Supermodel, Speaker and Diplomat" - you think I'm kidding? (via Powerline Blog)

UPDATE: Not only does the Athens Olympics website omit the capital of Israel, it also lists Israel as an European country, while its other neighbours are listed as Asian states. Now the dirty truth is out - Israel is a Crusader state. (via WND)


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