Saturday, May 29, 2004

Unreality TV 

Just when you thought that reality TV couldn't get any lower. This from my own backyard:

"Reality TV will invade the federal election campaign when members of the public are given the chance to run for the Senate in an Election Idol format. Channel 7 is considering a program in which non-partisan contestants from each state pitch themselves and their ideas to the electorate each week.

"They will be judged by a panel of political experts - former PM Bob Hawke is rumoured to have been approached - but viewers will get to decide the winner. Candidates will be reduced to one by viewer voting before that person runs in the real competition - for a position in the Senate."
As we all know, young people are just enthralled and fascinated by the political process - why, during the primaries and election season it's almost impossible to tear them off TV. So I'm sure this will be a huge hit. What's next "Survivor: Guantanamo Bay" and "The Apprentice: Enron"?


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