Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Welcome to Terror Olympics? 

It looks like Greece is losing at the newest Olympic sport: building the venues.

The AP reports: "The sprint to the Olympics is being run through an obstacle course. Frantic work — including on the main stadium — slogs on in mud, through rainstorms and at night. Roads and squares are ripped up for repaving or new rail lines. Cement mixers and cranes snarl city traffic. Whirlwinds of dust spin through neighborhoods. Ready or not, the Athens Games will start 100 days from Wednesday."

Ah, organising Olympics was so much easier BC than it is nowadays. But maybe Greece shouldn't worry too much about erecting too many new structures:

"Three timebombs exploded outside a central Athens police station early on Wednesday, doing heavy damage to the building but causing no serious casualties, a police official said."

Why tempt luck with stadiums?

UPDATE: OK, you can relax - according to the Australian Olympic Committee it doesn't look like the blasts in Athens were the work of al Quaeda but "local anarchists who are opposed to authorities such as the police, foreign embassies and large multinational corporations." Just like al Quaeda in fact. Still, some good home-grown terrorists will surely give Greece a morale boost before the Olympics. Terrorism? Other Western countries have to import it; we have some of our own.


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