Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What's next? "Al Quaeda - the musical"? 

The "artz" world strikes again:

"London's theatrical world is no stranger to political plays, but a new work opening this week has taken an original approach - telling the story of Britons held at the US-run Guantanamo Bay detention center by using their own words.

" 'Guantanamo, Honor Bound to Defend Freedom,' which opened Monday night at the well-respected Tricycle Theater in the northwest part of the capital, explores the plight of British men held at the center in Cuba.

" 'We've put together a show which is using the transcripts of interviews with British detainees, families of detainees, detainees who came back, some lawyers and some military people from Guantanamo,' said the play's director, Nicolas Kent."
A play about 67 British citizens who have died on September 11 unfortunately won't be able to use "their own words" as they are all dead.


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