Thursday, May 06, 2004

Where are all the right-wing American investigative reporters? 

C'mon guys - we can do better than that - it's been a few days since all those ex-US diplomats have released their Bush-bashing letter, and I still can't find any good research being done into the background of the letter's signatories. The Brits ("The Daily Telegraph" in particular) have done a far better job of digging around info about their former diplomats who had a go at Tony Blair in similar terms. Where are all the right-wing American investigative reporters?

I wrote a few days ago: "My not very brave prediction: watch this space and expect the same from the American 'camel corp' - non-disclosure (at least for some of the signatories) of Saudi cash flying around, paid lobbying jobs for Middle Eastern countries, and involvement with foundations and organisations financed by oil money."

Still watching the space. The only thing I can see on the net is Joel Mowbray's short piece, where he has a look at the website of the "Washington Report on Middle East Affairs", a publication that two of the American ex-diplomats have significant association with. But I'm sure there is so much more waiting to be unearthed. I would have expected Daniel Pipes or Steve Emerson to have put out something by now - alas no such luck.

Meanwhile, the concerned US ex-diplomats are going unchallenged and are providing a very good material for Bush's critics, like this editorial from Saudi Arabia illustrates: "Once again experts on whom in normal times a US administration would be expected to rely for sound advice have underlined that Bush White House policies are ill-informed knee-jerk reactions which in their ignorance of the subtleties of regional politics are only making a bad situation worse."

The left is generally very adept at pointing fingers, picking up money trails, and muttering about sinister vast right-wing conspiracies, secretive neo-conservative cabals, and the influence of the Zionist lobby.

So let's not concede the field to them and let's get down to work. I would love to do all the research from down here in Australia, but you guys need to give me a hand with it!


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