Saturday, May 15, 2004

With "friends" like these... 

Australian political landscape is to be shaken by a conflict of epic proportions, as the two major minor parties battle for the right to represent the marginalised left:

"The Australian Democrats have declared the Greens as their new arch rival in the fight to hold the balance of power at the next federal election.

"Speaking at the Australian Democrats national conference in Melbourne today, party leader Senator Andrew Bartlett said its biggest threat for the senate balance of power at the next election was the party's 'friends' the Greens.

"Recent polls - which show the Greens enjoying 7.5 per cent support from the electorate, compared to the Democrats at two per cent - highlight that it has good grounds to be concerned."
As Henry Kissinger said about the Iraq-Iran war, it's a pity both sides can't lose.

Of interest to political junkies might also be the unveiling of the Democrats' new slogan for their party - "The Lie Detectors." Going by Andrew Bartlett's recent performance, "Breathalysers" would be more appropriate.


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