Saturday, June 12, 2004


Another small milestone for "Chrenkoff" - 100,000 visits since I started this little blog two and a half months ago. Seems like ages. A big thank you to everyone who has dropped by, even bigger thank you to those who keep coming back, and of course thanks to all the blogs who supported me and linked to my work - from the really big guns to smaller guns - I hope I can over time return all the favours.

More Chrenkin' off tomorrow, and on Monday, which is a public holiday here in Brisbane.

By the way, to the lucky 100,000th visitor, from San Jose in California - unfortunately there are no prizes, but thank you anyway!

UPDATE: One of this blog's many fans, Maher Mughrabi, writes in the comments section: "I would like to know if you are going to post anything about this story. At the time (archive, April 25th) you waxed sarcastic on this, as I recall. More corrections than the NYT?"

What Maher is referring to is the news that the State Department's annual report on terrorism underestimated the number of terrorist incidents last year, thus giving the false impression that acts of terrorism are on decrease.

Apparently they are not. As Maher would agree, that's bad news. I'm sure, however, that the problem will be solved once and for all when the United States completely disengages from the Middle East, Palestinians get their own state, and the international community addresses the root causes of terrorism such as poverty.


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