Thursday, June 03, 2004

Around the world in 10 blogs 

What others are cooking on Thursday...

In the United States, Dean Esmay, a liberal repeatedly mugged by reality, is having second thoughts about John Kerry. Meanwhile, the ever-dependable Iowa Hawk writes about Al Gore's alternative past and alternative future (was there ever any other?). And Clayton Cramer muses on how gay was Philadelphia (hint: not very).

Merde in France writes on our friends, the French. Zeyad at Healing Iraq has some thoughts about the new Iraqi government. Kennett looks at the much under-performing South Korean banking system. How does Korean economy actually work?

In Australia, Tim Blair comments on the media's attempts to implicate the Howard Government in the prisoner abuse cover-up. Meanwhile, Gnu Hunter asks an important question: did the ethnic vote-chasing by Australian Labor politicians endangered our security? Blow-back anyone? Israellycool is onto the same story - and he's not happy. And Niner Charlie finds out that for some at the Australian public broadcaster, "terrorist" is the hardest word to say.


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