Monday, June 14, 2004

Around the world in 20 blogs 

Time to check what the friends of Chrenk around the world are up to today.

Tim Blair comments on an insider's view of Bush's very own "October Surprise" - the very public trial of Saddam Hussein, just to remind the voters before the election what a bad boy Saddam had been. Will it work? I'm not so sure, both timing-wise, and media-wise. Never underestimate the media's ability to "move on" from an "old story", particularly if that "old story" doesn't fit the agenda.

Elsewhere in the land of Oz, we continue to be fascinated by Labor Party's celebrity politics (don't worry, my American friends, you might get one of the Beastie Boys to run for Congress one day too). Niner Charlie speculates on the true motives behind the Peter Garrett push into federal politics (hint: Garrett will be a puppet; God knows, he already moves like one), and Gnu Hunter shows how easily the media spins the polling numbers in Garrett's favour (Nanny Watcher has more thoughts on rock star's opportunism). Slatts doesn't like "Guardian" journalists, Reckers New South Wales teachers, Kev Gillett people who criticise his view on torture, and Man of Lettuce young girls who shouldn't be where they are (he should know, he's a taxi driver). Hey, we Aussies aren't all that negative - it's just my Monday spin.

In the Land of the Free, Hindrocket at Powerline Blog has some thoughts about Bush's latest poll numbers (Pejman has more thoughts). Meanwhile, Iowahawk on how media really remembers Ronald Reagan (as always, pure gold), and MuD & PHuD writes on what they really said about the Gipper. Blackfive has problems "pseudonym-ing" (in good military tradition) his soon-to-arrive daughter - can you help? My "good liberal" friend Dean Esmay says blacklists are bad, and Clayton Cramer has lots of fun reading some very very old New England diaries.

Damian Penny notes the allegations of extremism in Canadian politics - but it's not where you think. Down south, Carib Pundit writes on Cuba's black gold.

In Zeropa, No Pasaran reports on France's very own African quagmire, and DownEast Blog has all the low-down (no pun intended) on the European Parliament elections. And in the Mid East, Israellycool comments on the Iranian suicide bomber application form.


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