Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Around the world in 22 blogs 

In the land of Oz, Tim Blair is back from his Malaysian holiday and makes up for the lost (?) time, fisking Phillip Adams and Paul McGeough. Gnu Hunter watches the goings-on around a new Sydney mosque. Meanwhile, Evil Pundit has got his own blog round-up. And while not strictly a blogger (he should be), Andrew Bolt has some thoughts about schools flying Australian flag (the American readers will find it bizarre that it's only now becoming an issue Down Under).

In the U S of A, Hindrocket at Powerline muses on Saddam's 1,500-strong legal defence team. Meanwhile, Iowa Hawk on the real Jack Ryan scandal (gold, as always), and the Illinois resident Pejman has a serious look at the case. Wind Rider at Silent Running has many thoughts on the legacy of Abu Ghraib, and Clayton Cramer on the Supreme Court and detention of alien combatants. Blackfive, meanwhile, has got a letter from a Marine to al Qaeda. Mark at New Birth of Freedom on benefits of life under the Republican administration. At Where Have You Gone, Ronald Reagan? (where, indeed?) some alternative history of intelligence failure hearings. And Southern Conservative ponders on various Clinton nicknames (and other aspects of the "Lizard President" biography).

North of the border, in Canada, there are some interesting times for the right, and Damian Penny is doing some live blogging from the election.

In Europe, Michael at DownEastBlog thinks that Laetitia Casta should be the new head (no pun intended) of the EU (seriously, though, he's got great low-down on what's happening in that regard). Oxblog meanwhile reads the tea leaves for NATO. Still in Zeropa, No Pasaran has the low-down on those striking French workers. And in South Korea, John Kennett reports that workers are revolting too. Speaking of Asian blogs, Simon has got an excellent round-up.

In the Mid East, Isreallycool has some thoughts on the Palestinian Olympic team. And Mohammed at Iraq the Model rejoices in sovereignty (Solomon lists more Iraqi reactions).


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