Friday, June 04, 2004

Australian Democrats acting again in national interest 


Australia's Confused Left alternative to something ventures into trade and foreign policy arena. Buried in the last paragraph of a news story about the Prime Minister John Howard's visit to the United States:

"Australian Democrats trade spokesman Aden Ridgeway yesterday sent an open letter to the US Congress asking members to oppose the [Australia-United States free trade] agreement or risk harming bilateral relations in the longer term."
At least they're persistent - having given up hope of blocking the Free Trade Agreement in Australian Senate, there's always some other foreign Senate that might help. The Australian Democrats also don't like the idea that the Prime Minister can send troops overseas without the Senate's approval. Why don't you lobby the US Congress instead? That might be the easier way to stop any Australian deployments.

Some Democrats, by the way, believe that the Bush Administration is playing dirty tricks on them, as the leader of the Australian Democrats in South Australia, Mike Elliott, told the media two years ago:

"The American government would love to see the Democrats fail. All I would say is I wouldn't be surprised if there are agent provocateurs at work. Who has put them there I don't know."
No Mike, the Democrats are doing fine enough job of infiltrating themselves and making themselves look stupid.

UPDATE: Niner Charlie is not happy about the whole thing either: " 'Sabotage' and 'treachery' are words that immediately come to mind."


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