Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Australian Greens and their priorities 

Do you ever wonder why they still call themselves the "Greens"? I do.

"The Greens and the Democrats called for Australian military lawyer Major George O'Kane to be allowed to give evidence on prisoner abuses in Iraq to a senate inquiry...

"Australian Greens leader Bob Brown condemned the government for not allowing Maj O'Kane to front the committee. 'It's a political decision and the Senate shouldn't be trammelled from getting evidence from Maj O'Kane by the decision of the minister to defend the government by preventing that evidence from coming forward'."
Too preoccupied with the prisoner abuse in Iraq, the Greens have again been too busy to turn up at the Senate Estimates hearing this week, when the environmental issues were actually discussed and deliberated upon. Environment, anyone?

Meanwhile, the news report quoted above nicely buys into the Greens' line:

"Maj O'Kane visited Abu Ghraib Prison near Baghdad where US guards abused Iraqi inmates five times between last August and January, casting doubt on government claims to have been unaware of the abuse until this year."
Because I'm sure Major O'Kane was each time given a special presentation of abuses on offer at Abu Ghraib, and was made to pose for an obligatory "thumbs up" photo with a pyramid of naked bodies, something that happens to all the military brass visitors at that prison. How low can the media go in their attempt to get the Government on this issue? My guess is, very low.


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