Friday, June 25, 2004

Blumenthal strikes again 

The delusional ex-Clinton groupie Sid Blumenthal is at it again (for the earlier discussion click here). In his new opinion piece in the "Guardian" titled "Reality is unravelling for Bush" Sid writes these words of wisdom:

"The majority of the people had supported the war in Iraq because they believed that Saddam was involved in the terrorist attacks of September 11."
Really Sid? Prove it. It's one thing for the media to be rewriting history by misrepresenting the words of one man (Bush never argued that Saddam was connected to S11), but for Blumenthal to be rewriting history by misrepresenting the sentiments and opinions of the whole nation shows delusion of truly grandiose proportions.

Update: A reader, Marc from the USS Neverdock blog, suggests that Blumenthal might have been referring to a 2003 "Washington Post" opinion poll alluded to in this story. The actual poll is republished here. It's true that 69% of respondents believed that Saddam was involved in September 11 attacks. But 82% believed that he generally provided assistance to al Qaeda, 84% believed that he was trying to develop WMDs, and 78% that he has already done so. Now that covers a lot of potential justifications for the war - I'm glad that Blumenthal was able to zero in on the one that was convenient for his argument and decide that for the majority of Americans it was the clinching factor.


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