Monday, June 21, 2004

Chrenk's Monday good reading guide 

Ralph Peters on the rules of engagement for the Coalition troops in Iraq after June 30:

"A century ago, then-Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood wrote simply, 'The purpose of an Army is to fight.' If the Iraqis don't want our soldiers to fight our mutual enemies, we shouldn't let our troops become the prisoners of a doomed effort."
David Frum: a neo-conservative in an open letter to Swedish readers.

Mark Steyn on the return of Clinton:

"[U]nlike the Bush administration with the scandal of Abu Ghraib and torture, in the Clinton administration the biggest scandal was about oral sex. Say what you like, but, in the Clinton era, the only naked guy with women's panties on his head and a dog leash round his neck would have been the President breaking in the new intern pool.

"This comparison is valid in the narrow sense that Bill Clinton, like Abu Ghraib, has been blown out of all proportion. But Clinton is what you wind up with when you have Reagan's communication skills but nothing to communicate..."
Theodore Dalrymple on American and British social myths.

Robinder Sachdev on winning the hearts and minds the non-governmental way: "Privatizing Foreign Policy."

Chritian Lowe - while everyone's attention is occupied by the Mid East, China stirs.

Radek Sikorski, director of the New Atlantic Initiative at the American Enterprise Institute, writes about why the Eastern and Central Europeans stayed away from the European Parliament elections. Yours truly discussed these matters before and came to similar conclusions.


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