Friday, June 25, 2004

Dispatches from the unholy war 

As South Korea deals with the aftermath of beheading of Kim Sun-Il, keep checking out the news and views from our man in Korea, John Kennett.

Meanwhile, as "insurgents" set off more and more bombs outside Iraqi police stations, I'm awaiting more learned commentary from the West that the violence is really aimed against the Coalition forces and will stop once the Coalition leaves Iraq. As the "Independent" report:

"Many of the fighters in Baquba were Islamic militants wearing yellow headbands saying they belonged to the Battalions of Unification and Holy War. They handed out leaflets warning Iraqis not to collaborate with Americans. 'The flesh of collaborators is tastier than that of Americans,' the leaflets said."
The Battalions of Unification and Holy War are, of course, an al Qaeda/al Zarqawi vehicle. For those people any government of Iraq, Sunni or Shia dominated, popularly elected or not, will be seen as "collaborators" unless it resembles the Taliban.

Update: As you can gather from John Kennett's blog, the South Korean government is blocking access for its people to any internet sites that mention the recently beheaded South Korean hostage. John now informs that this means that while he can keep updating his blog, he can't actually read it, and now that I've mentioned Kim Sun-Il on my blog, he can't read it either. Thank God that most of my traffic doesn't come from South Korea.


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