Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Elsewhere in the blogsphere 

Tim Blair dissects Kevin Rudd, the Labor opposition's "appeasement spokesman". Meanwhile, Evil Pundit considers alternatives to peacekeeping - like war. And Gnu Hunter has an Arabic Word of the Day: Taqiyya.

Right Wing News has got the full picture of Clinton's official portrait. I guess it had to happen. At Silent Running, they query the Associated Press' choice of words in headlines. Clayton Crammer's son rented the video copy of "Fight Club", thus provoking Clayton into a very long musing on materialism, violence and the cult of death.

Bad Hair Blog looks at Germany and Arkansas. And for Gleeful Extremist it's the US versus Sweden.

At Dean's World, guest blogger Joe Gandelman asks the question "Should Blogs Post Pictures Of The Bodies Of Terrorist-Killed Americans?" This blog links to other sites which do - you make the choice. I can only note that the English-language press is far more squeamish about publishing grisly images than their continental European cousins.

The excellent military blogger Blackfive ("the paratrooper of love") is celebrating his first anniversary in the blogsphere - wish him all the best. The quote that rings true:

"My wife still wants to know when I'll make money at blogging. I think that, if that would happen, I would have to change how my 'voice' is delivered. When you are paid to do something, then it becomes work. This is more like a mission for me. Maybe it will change, but right now it's both fun and satisfying."
Or as Mrs Chrenkoff says: "If only you'd spend as much time getting a career as you spend on your blog, then you would have a career."

And welcome to some new blog-faces: Boils My Blood from Australia, Prairie Fire from the other side of the Pacific.

Lastly, not a blog, but a great op-piece by Niall Ferguson:

"The prospect of an apolar world should frighten us a great deal more than it frightened the heirs of Charlemagne. If the U.S. is to retreat from the role of global hegemon--its fragile self-belief dented by minor reversals--its critics must not pretend that they are ushering in a new era of multipolar harmony. The alternative to unpolarity may not be multipolarity at all. It may be a global vacuum of power. Be careful what you wish for."


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