Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The left's got nothing to offer but fat, sweat and tears 

"The war on obesity" appears to be well underway throughout the Western world, despite the warnings from the left that you can't wage a war on a noun (hang on, that was "terror"; "poverty", "AIDS", and now "obesity" are of course alright. All nouns are equal, but some nouns are obviously more equal than others).

But now a voice of dissent:

"Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, an obesity researcher at Rockefeller University, argues that contrary to popular opinion, national data do not show Americans growing uniformly fatter. Instead, he says, the statistics demonstrate clearly that while the very fat are getting fatter, thinner people have remained pretty much the same."
It reminds me of something else - the fact that contrary to the commonly-accepted (i.e. left-wing) wisdom, the rich are getting richer, but the poor are not getting poorer - they're also getting richer but not as fast as the rich.

I think there's a pattern here - the activist left hates what it considers to be excess. It doesn't matter what the excess is of, all that counts is that some people have more of something than others. And that's not fair. Before you start sending me angry emails, I'm not commenting on the medical aspect of the controversy. Obesity, unlike wealth, is a problem. But God help a good fight when the left latches on and takes over.

While you're at it, check out Mark Steyn's take on this latest crusade.


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