Friday, June 18, 2004

Let my Saddam go! 

Now I'm sure he'll get off quite easily:

"The head of a legal team defending former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein welcomed an official US probe into the September 11 attacks which found no evidence linking Iraq and the al-Qaeda terror network.

"Jordanian lawyer Mohammad Rashdan said the results of the probe proved once more 'that the Anglo-American aggression launched against Iraq is null and not based on any legal reason'.

" '(Saddam's) defence committee challenges the US administration, President (George W.) Bush and all his advisers to show one, single legal reason for this treacherous aggression against the Arab and Muslim nation,' Mr Rashdan said in a statement."
All I can say is, thank God that Saddam won't be judged by the S11 Commission but by the people of Iraq, who - unlike Mr Rashdan - had the privilege to live under the wise and benevolent rule of the great Saddam. I have an inkling that for the Iraqis the Saddo-bin-Ladenistic link, or for that matter the question of the WMD (except for the Kurds), might not be too high on the indictment.


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