Thursday, June 17, 2004

Let them all eat Euro-cakes 

European elections and the revolting masses - Mark Steyn, as always, says it best: "The lunatic mainstream had better start worrying fast":

"In the late 20th century sur le Continent, politics evolved to the point where almost any issue worth talking about was ruled beneath discussion, beyond the bounds of polite society. In Austria, year in, year out, whether you voted for the centre-Left party or the centre-Right party, you wound up with the same centre-Left/centre-Right coalition presiding over what was in effect a two-party one-party state. Then Jörg Haider came along.

"In France in 2002, the presidential election was supposed to be between Jacques Chirac, the Left of Right of Left of centre candidate, and Lionel Jospin, the Right of Left of Right of Left of centre candidate. Chospin and Jirac ran on identical platforms, both fully committed to high taxes, high unemployment and high crime. Faced with a choice between Eurodee and Eurodum, the French electorate decided they fancied a real choice and stuck Jean-Marie Le Pen in there. Same in Holland until Pim Fortuyn got gunned down by a crazed vegetarian, the first fruitarian to kill a fruit Aryan...

"One reason why the Eutopian dream has fizzled across the Continent is because the entire political class took it for granted no right-thinking person could possibly disagree with them, so they never felt they had to bother arguing the case and, now they have to, they can't remember what the arguments were."
Democratic consensus, just like democratic socialism (indeed the two are almost identical anyway), are nice ideas defeated in the long run by their internal contradictions. The question is what happens when the majority of voters falls out of love. The Euro elite still hasn't quite come to terms with such a democratic possibility. In the past the "peasant revolts" have been somewhat of a flash in the pan political phenomenon; poll 30% today, gone tomorrow. The Eutopians are counting on this trend continuing. It's a big gamble.


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