Friday, June 18, 2004

Saddam - oui, voters - non 

Jacques Chirac has finally managed to find appeasement he doesn't like:

"An irate President Jacques Chirac of France last night rounded on Tony Blair for thwarting the ambitions of the EU[,] to appease Eurosceptic opinion in Britain."
Appeasing foreign dictators - good; appeasing your own voters - bad. Glad we got that sorted out. The report goes on to note that

"His public denunciation of the British negotiating position came just a week after he openly derided a plan jointly proposed at the G8 summit by Mr Blair and President George Bush to encourage democracy in the Middle East."
Consistency, at least; why bother about democracy in the Middle East, if you couldn't be stuffed about democracy in Europe?

In case you were wondering what's at stake for Tony Blair:

"Britain's retention of vetoes on tax harmonisation and limiting the power of the European Court to use a new charter of rights to make judgments that could interfere with Britain's industrial relations laws."
Translation: Blair doesn't want company taxes high and unions running amok. Clearly un-European sentiments.


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