Friday, June 04, 2004

Should I be overjoyed or scared? 

"Don King steps into the ring to help win black vote for Bush" writes the "Daily Telegraph":

"There are millions of black Republicans in America, according to Bishop R T Jones, a leading member of the party in Philadelphia. There is only one catch: they vote Democrat.

"Bishop Jones, the black patriarch of the Christian Tabernacle church in Philadelphia, lamented: 'Our family values are Republican, our social values are Republican. We think Republican, but only a few of us have the nerve to vote Republican'."
Now apparently, Don King is joining in the good Bishop's vote drive for Bush. The man, who as the "Telegraph" kindly reminds the readers, "once served three and a half years for manslaughter and who has been indicted - though never convicted - on federal charges including tax fraud and racketeering" (hey, I'm sure the Democrats will not want to throw any stones in glasshouses) now proclaims proudly: "I'm a Republicrat. I'm for whoever is going to deliver for our people."

All I can say is, should Mr King use some of his former clients in the election campaign, there won't be any chads left hanging after they finish punching those votes.


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