Saturday, June 26, 2004

Voting for Nader - unsafe in any state 

Ralph Nader doesn't want you to waste your vote in November - on him. He has told NPR's Robert Siegel that he's

"running for the office as a way to steer the Democratic Party toward an agenda he advocates. The longtime consumer advocate wants would-be supporters to attend his rallies, but he says he wants them to feel free to cast their votes for Sen. John Kerry once they enter the voting booth -- especially in swing states where their vote might help defeat President Bush."
Others agree with Nader's strategy - both Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, charmingly described as "liberal icons" (JFK is a liberal icon, Zinn and Chomsky are communists), both Massachusetts residents, also plan to cast their votes for Nader. But that's alright: "Voting for Nader in a safe state is not a vote for Bush."

But what if that way Kerry get elected President, yet Bush overall gets more votes? That would make Kerry an illegitimate president, wouldn't it?


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