Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Around the world in 17 blogs 

Tim Blair has got more media reactions to Michael Moore.

Gnu Hunter on how media manufactures stories. It's all about the questions you ask.

At Yobbo's World, see what happens to a blog when it publishes something that one of the most popular right-wing blogs links to. Then see what happens when the same blog publishes a photos of a slutty Sydney schoolgirl. Hilarious.

For Australian readers, or all those generally interested in the publicly-owned media left-wing bias, make sure you check out a new blog, Public Media Watch. The "watcher" certainly does a lot of pretty comprehensive fisking, for instance in this new piece on some old ABC Iraq war reporting.

Dean Esmay has some thoughts about the emergency plan to postpone presidential elections.

Right Wing News has 10 questions for John Kerry - all they need now is somebody in the media to ask them.

Pejman remains pro-same-sex marriage, but rather disgusted at Kerry's position.

Blackfive has an interesting letter from a soldier in Iraq.

Southern Conservatives relates his personal "Fahrenheit 9/11" experience.

Slings and Arrows compares and contrast Clinton's Balkan adventure and Bush's war on terror.

Conservatives Anonymous write on men, women and the Republicans.

DownEastBlog has an extensive discussion of the recent hoax hate crime in France.

David Adesnik at OxBlog has an interesting post trying to establish just how many Iraqi civilians have died since the invasion.

Israellycool takes a look at how Israelis translate Hollywood movies.

Mohammed at Iraq the Model writes: "There's an Iraqi proverb that says 'when two Iraqis sit together to talk then politics will be there'. Something similar was said about the Poles too.

Simon World has another huge round-up of what blogs in Asia are writing about.

Last, but not least, check out Homespun Bloggers, a project by Tom of MuD & PHuD, to provide an umbrella blog for all the bloggers out there (yours truly included) for whom blogging is not a job but a labour of love. Homespun Bloggers aims to be a showcase of non-professional talent and will among other things, feature regular "best of" compilation from the participating blogs. If you're interested in joining the Coalition of the Enthusiastic Amateurs, visit the blog and email Tom.


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