Monday, July 19, 2004

Around the world in 18 blogs 

Monday, and time again to check what some friends of Chrenk have been up to recently.

In Australia,
Tim Blair has more on the alleged Iyad Allawi shooting spree.

Gnu Hunter continues to monitor jihad in Australia (as well as monitor those who are supposed to monitor it).

In the US,
Powerline comments on the "New York Times"'s and "Washington Post"'s love of unnamed sources.

Dean Esmay, Michael Moore and Israel, another longest hatred.

No Left Turns' Robert Alt posts tons of photos of Army medics in Iraq - the unsung heroes.

For something non-Iraq and non-Presidential elections related, but nevertheless thought-provoking,
Clayton Cramer tries to establish whether rape is a crime of sex or violence?

Southern Conservative asks in the aftermath of the FMA fiasco: "How about an amendment to ban distractions?"

Damian Penny writes on multiculturalism in Canada.

David Adesnik at
Oxblog writes about Egypt and democracy.

Somewhere in the cyberspace between New Zealand and the US,
Silent Running monitors the Israel-New Zealand relations in the wake of the Mossad agents scandal. There's even a new flag for NZ.

From South Korea,
John Kennett reports that "The Blue House (Korea's White House) is in trouble today after it posted parody pictures showing the leader of the Opposition, Park Guen-hye partially nude, with bed with a man." Now, why can't the White House be more fun like that? The nude pics of the John-John Democrat team would be a lot more believable, considering their blossoming love affair.

Elsewhere in Asia,
Fried Man comments on North Korea's official forays into cyberspace.

Israellycool, the "world exclusive" - Yasser Arafat's letter of reply to his resigning Prime Minister (or at least, what it might have been).

Omar at
Iraq the Model has some thoughts about the Butler Report: "You cannot tell a man that saving him and his family from torture, humiliation and death was a mistake and it should've not been done because it's illegal."

Please also welcome three new blogs:
Ethiopundit - "an eclectic Ethiopian's Commentary and News"; Pacetown, "All a part of life's rich pageant"; and Idioticrave, "Like Mussolini From The Balcony."

And don't forget to have a look at
Homespun Bloggers, the voice of not-too-much-for profit blogging.


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