Monday, July 26, 2004

Around the world in 24 blogs 

In Australia, with Tim Blair away in America, Gnu Hunter reports that the Labor opposition leader Mark Latham smoked pot. But did he inhale? And does the media care?

In the tradition of yours truly's "Good news from Iraq",
Yobbo starts "Good news from America." With the Northern American quagmire well under way, I'm not sure he'll be able to find enough material to fill an average post.

Douglas at
Mangled Thoughts writes about the bitumen laid on the road to surfdom.

Azazel at
Boils My Blood defends violent computer games. I know Azazel. I respect his views. I also know he's got a sniper rifle buried in his backyard.

Public Media Watch analyses how our dear public broadcaster ABC covers Sheik Taj El-Din Al-Hilaly, the Mufti of Australia. I'm not sure which is more staggering, the ABC coverage or the amount of research that went into this post.

Is the United States becoming a Nazi state?
Dean Esmay looks at the actual Nazi Party platform from 1920.

John Hawkins from
Right Wing News provides his list of top 40 favourite blogs - as well as other bloggers' rankings.

"Former Clinton Administration National Security Advisor Sandy Berger admitted 'inadvertantly' stuffing highly classified documents and notes into his pants, absent-mindedly removing them from the national archives on five occasions, accidentally mailing them to DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, who mistakenly buried them in the World Trade Center excavation site." This is why, kiddies, you should always read
Iowa Hawk.

Clayton Cramer muses on Europe's hatred of America.

Blackfive has a story about Samir, the guy who pulled Saddam out of his presidential hole in the ground.

Pejman reviews Bill Clinton's autobiography (first draft of which is still lost somewhere down Sandy Berger's pants).

And Peter Schramm at
No Left Turns talks about Kerry and the 911 Report.

In West Indies, Helen at
Carib Pundit has some reflections on the "American Idol" reject William Hung and the American Dream.

Behind the enemy lines in the occupied Zeropa,
Ne Pasaran reports on how French cycling fans are treating Lance Armstrong. Disgusting stuff.

In another "behind the enemy lines" news - Barcepundit now has an English-language edition in addition to the Spanish one, so all of us in the Anglosphere can check out what's been happening in the socialist-occupied Iberia. Check out in particular the latest news on the Madrid massacre.

At Oxblog, Josh Chafetz has more thoughts about politicised artists and freedom of speech (pretty much in line with yours truly's
contribution). And Canada's very own Damian Penny has more. And so does Robert Alt as No Left Turns. And guess what? So does Southern Conservative - what is it about bloggers and the First Amendment issues - not to mention stupid celebrities?

In South Korea,
John Kennett, the avid CNN-watcher that he is, notes a rather unfortunate title of a special about John Kerry.

In Mesopotamia, at
Iraq the Model, Mohammed visits a barber shop in the die-hard Saddamite section of Baghdad.

Ethiopundit writes that Soviet-style agriculture is alive and well in Ethiopia: "Ethiopians live with food insecurity so that their rulers won't experience political insecurity."

And as always, don't forget
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