Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Big Latham is watching you 

A disappointing day for Australian reality TV:

"Opposition Leader Mark Latham yesterday revealed he had knocked back the chance to star in the reality television show Big Brother as an intruder."
The report, however, notes the irony:

"[Latham]who a fortnight ago had pleaded for the media to respect his privacy, relished the chance to do some snooping during the hour he spent touring the compound at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

"At one stage, Mr Latham stood enthralled for minutes on the outside of the one-way mirrors that ring the house, staring at the housemates having lunch – his nose pressed to the glass just centimetres from former Sydney Swans footballer Ryan and the last remaining female in the house, Bree.

"The self-confessed reality television junkie, who sets aside one hour each week in his busy schedule to watch such shows, also showed a particular interest in learning more about the in-house habits of his favourite housemate Miriam, a Mexican pre-operative transvestite who spent four days there last month as an intruder."
Ironically, Miriam, the Latino trannie, obviously had more balls than Latham.


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